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Q: How do you complete a soil test?

A: The soil sample is supposed to be taken from the area where you propose to build the septic field. The soil sample is taken by drilling or excavating a hole in the ground to 39 inches. Take a pound of material from the bottom of the hole and place it in a ziplock bag. Provincial inspectors will also want to know the depth to an impermeable layer. This is important and can usually be identified by the change from top soil to clay.

Take the soil sample to:

ALS Laboratory Group
12-1329 Niakwa Rd
Winnipeg, Manitoba R2J 3T4
(North Side of Highway #1, East of Lagimodiere Blvd)

Phone: 204-255-9729
Fax: 204-255-9721
Toll Free: 800-607-7555

Request a septic field analysis and pay the fee of approximately $100.00. In about 10 days to 2 weeks they will send the results to you. They can also email the results to our company.

A man measures the depth of a hole dug into a lawn using a measuring tape

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